The Turbo Mister (pictured above), manufactured by Slimline, is our device of choice for our wastewater disposal process. It offers numerous engineering advantages that qualify it as "best-in-breed" in dealing with the harsh environmental challenges of oilfield water. Turbo Misters are used in a variety of industrial settings. 

The use of powered evaporators for oilfield wastewater disposal is subject to U.S. Patents 8226735, 8703065, and 9005310, issued to Hudgens Holdings LLC and licensed exclusively to Poseidon Saltwater Systems, Inc.

Reimagined, Reengineered and Ready for Deployment

  • Scalable from 2,500 to 50,000 barrels per day per station

  • Fully customizable to meet your volume and physical plant requirements

  • Location flexibility: easy to permit, we go where your water is

  • Environmentally responsible with regard to all materials used in our process

We Build and Operate

  • Infield installations

  • Commercial installations

  • Commercial SWD retrofits

For One Purpose Only

To Dispose of Your Produced Water Cost-Effectively 

and without injecting anything